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Protect Your Building: The 7-Step Checklist for Fire Door Surveys in London 🏢

If you're a building manager in London, fire door safety should be a top priority. Here’s a 7-step checklist to guide you through a comprehensive fire door survey and keep your building compliant and secure:

  1. Identify Fire Door Locations: Create an inventory of all fire doors in your building. This includes communal areas and flat entrance doors.

  2. Check Certification Labels: Ensure each fire door has a certification label confirming it meets the necessary standards. Labels should indicate the fire rating and manufacturer details.

  3. Inspect the Gaps: Measure the gaps between the door and the frame, ensuring they are within the 2-4mm range for optimal performance.

  4. Test the Seals: Check for intumescent seals around the door edges. They should expand when heated to contain smoke and fire.

  5. Verify Hinges and Closers: Ensure that hinges are secure and that door closers automatically shut the door from any position.

  6. Assess the Glazing: Inspect any vision panels to ensure the glazing is fire-resistant and has no cracks or damage.

  7. Record and Report: Document your findings in a detailed report, including photos of issues. Schedule repairs immediately for non-compliant doors.

Remember, regular inspections and proper maintenance are crucial. Stay compliant with London’s fire safety regulations by following this checklist, and keep your building safe!

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